Complement your stay

Friday, 8 de juny de 2018 Cabañitas del Bosque, Turismo Galicia, Do Artesanato

Thanks to our unique surroundings, we are confident that your stay in our lodgings will be fantastic, but we can always do something to make it a little more special. That is why we put at your disposal a wide variety of products and services with which to surprise your companions or simply to complement an already pleasant stay.

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Friday, 1 de juny de 2018 Gastronomía Outes, Gastronomía Galicia, Ría de Muros e Noia, Restaurantes Outes

It is already known that the best food in Spain is in the north and in Galicia, due to its geographical location and the quality of the products, it is surely the right place for those who love good cuisine.

We have good restaurants in Outes, with a wide variety of gastronomic offers that ensures that anyone who visits us can enjoy a good plate of food. We are going to propose some options and you can choose the one that appeals to you most.

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Friday, 25 de may de 2018 Do Artesanato, Cabañitas del Bosque, turismo activo, Playas Galicia

If there is something Galicia is known for, it is the spectacular coastline, a source of endless gastronomic and scenic riches. We can possibly boast of having many of the best beaches in Spain, nothing unusual if we look at the coastal relief, which combines distinctive geographical features, such as our famous rias, capes and islands, with the forests that watch them from above and that are the perfect icing on a natural landscape that is second to none.

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Wednesday, 16 de may de 2018 Letras Galegas, Galicia, María Víctoria Moreno Márquez, Francisco Añón

May 17 is a very special date for all Galicians, especially for those of us that speak Galician, because it is Galician Literature Day. This day serves, above all, to feel proud of our language, but also to pay tribute to all those who fought and continue fighting to keep it alive, great writers that use Galician as the working language in their works.

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Outono Gastronómico in Casa Perfeuto María

Tuesday, 16 de september de 2014 Casa Perfeuto María, Gastronomía, Ofertas, Turismo

Galician rural tourism houses are holding the 8th Outono Gastronómico (Culinary Autumn) this year.

From 12 September to 14 December*, you can make a reservation to enjoy our Outono Gastronómico menu, which includes a starter, a first course, a second course, dessert and wine with Galician designation of origin or another type of drink, to be chosen by the client. 

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A wedding in A Cabana de Carmen

, 3 de november de 2013 A Cabana de Carmen, Casa Perfeuto María

Last September saw the celebration of a long-expected event very close to our hearts. A Cabana de Carmen was the venue for the wedding of two clients/friends of ours, in whom our establishments has found two loyal customers who thought A Cabana de Carmen and Casa Perfeuto María would be the ideal places to tie the knot. 

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Do Artesanato – Tourism and nature

We are a family business and like to define ourselves as NATURE TOURISM ARTISANS.

Something we have learnt from our clients over the past fifteen years, is that each person and each stage in our lives need different experiences. Consequently, we offer you the possibility of enjoying our environment in different ways.