Terms and conditions of our services


If you have checked our lodging calendar and verified that the desired dates for your stay are available, you may book online by selecting your desired lodgings, check-in and check-out dates, selected room and number of guests, and making an advance payment by credit card or bank transfer.

You can call us at +34 981 850 903 / +34 981 851 009 (9:00 h-23:00 h) to receive personalised attention. We will tell you how to proceed to confirm your reservation and will carry out the necessary procedures for you, after which we will send you a payment receipt and booking confirmation by email. Alternatively, we can also issue and send you a pre-booking form by email with the price and the details of the bank account to which you should pay or transfer, within 72 hours, 40% of the total amount of the services booked. We will confirm your payment by sending your booking form to your email address.

By accepting your reservation, you accept and agree to the general terms and conditions specified below. Cancelling your reservation will imply the deduction of the following percentages:

  • 50% if you cancel fifteen to seven days before your check-in date.
  • 100% if you cancel seven or fewer days before your check-in date.

Special ‘Green Day’ rates and other offers published on this website will apply to the establishments and dates specified in such offers. To book with Casa Perfeuto María and A Cabana de Carmen, please review the price information and refer to the ‘Green Day’ calendar.

You agree to issue a full payment for the days of your reservation, and to pay for the rest of your stay upon arrival or departure after verifying the proper operation of the facilities. In the event of cancellation or early check-out, you will lose the total amount of the advance payment you made for your reservation. 

To make a reservation, you must be at least 18 years old. The hotel can deny admission to clients traveling together if there is not at least one adult who is 18 years old.


  • Check-in time: from 14:00. If you expect to arrive later than 20:00, please call +34 981 850 903 to let us know.
  • Check-out time: by 12:00.
  • You agree to leave the premises in perfect condition. Should any damage occur, you must notify us as soon as possible.
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the premises.
  • Burning wax is not permitted inside the premises.
  • It is not permitted to add petals to hot tubs, or other objects that may obstruct the jets.
  • it is not permitted to burn plastic items, paper, cardboard, green wood or wood with additives.
  • The cost of the wood is not included in the rent. The price of each pack of wood to be used in the fireplace is €9. The fireplaces provide low wood consumption and, because of their built-in ecofilters, can only be used with natural, additive-free wood.
  • Our cabins, flats and cottages are equipped with self-service kitchens that include basic items. Although frying pans are provided among these household items, we kindly ask that you avoid deep-frying foodstuffs that may release strong smells so that the wood and fabrics will not be impregnated with these.
  • Please do not make loud noises after 00:00 h to respect other guests’ rest. 

                  CLEANING SERVICE | 12:00 to 15:00

                  • Cleaning services are scheduled between 12:00 h and 15:00 h. If you do not wish to receive these services, please hang the ‘Do not disturb’ sign on the outer handle of your door. The services do not include the cleaning of cooking items in the kitchen. It is users’ responsibility to wash the cutlery, glassware and crockery.
                  • Our lodgings are provided fully equipped regardless of whether you rent individual rooms or an entire house, flat, cottage or cabin. Our cleaning services will change your bedclothes every three days.
                  • When whole lodgings are rented, bathrooms will not be provided with hygiene products or cosmetics except for shower gel, shampoo, bath salts, hairdryers, toilet paper and towel kits that our cleaning team will change. 


                  You may stay with your pets and let them sleep in your room provided that you follow these instructions:

                  • You may not take your pets to the dining room while breakfast, lunch or dinner is being served.
                  • You must bring your own carriers for your pets or, alternatively, the baskets or blankets they normally use to sleep so that your pets will not feel strange and to ensure that they will not use the beds.
                  • Pets may not stay in the premises on their own while their owners are away.
                  • Owners are responsible for any harm their pets may suffer as a result of biting cables or due to other incidents, as well as for any damage their pets may cause.

                  Stays with pets cost an additional €6/night in Casa Perfeuto María and €9/night in the rest of lodgings.


                  WATER – Water resources are increasingly scarce.

                  • Please do not leave the tap running while you soap your hands, shave or brush your teeth; you will be wasting a lot of water you have not used at all.
                  • Please use only the water you need to have a happy stay, but do not waste the water you do not need.

                  HEATING – Keeping houses warm takes a high toll on the environment.

                  • Please do not use the heating while the windows are open.
                  • There is no point in wanting to dress in shirtsleeves in winter by heating up the premises excessively.

                  LIGHTS – To prevent the use of unnecessary electric power is to prevent pollution.

                  • Please turn off the lights when you do not need them. If you think you are the last one to leave a room, make sure that all lights are turned off.


                  • The toilet is not a suitable waste disposal system.
                  • Please use the dustbins.
                  • When you are out in the countryside, do not drop cigarette ends, pieces of paper, tins or other similar items, as these pollute the environment and deteriorate the beauty of the landscape.


                  Please do not hesitate to make any suggestion for us to improve our services and facilities.

                  We are at your disposal should any unforeseen circumstance or indisposition occur.

                  Reception: + 34 981 850 903 | reservas@doartesanato.com 

                  * By purchasing any of the services or products shown on this website, users accept these general terms and conditions. For the interpretation, implementation and discharge of the obligations that result from the client’s acceptance of the terms and conditions issued by our establishment, both the client and Do Artesanato submit to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts of Noia in A Coruña, Spain, expressly waiving their right to any other jurisdiction.