Have a unique wedding celebration in a rural environment, on the riverside or at the spot of your choice, with your selected theme and decoration.

We at Do Artesanato make all of our premises and accommodation facilities available for your event so that it will not be limited to the day of the ceremony itself and you can enjoy several days of celebration with your guests.

Should you wish so, we can take care of all the arrangements and preparations for a fully personalised celebration (preparing the accommodation, installing a marquee, a chapel, theme decoration, etc.). 


Our Centro de Actividades Marineras, or Centre for Maritime Activities (CAM), in Cabanas do Barranco,  is totally equipped to serve as venue for food-related events (courses and workshops, exhibitions, presentations, etc.).

You can supplement your event with different activities revolving around food – be it from the fields or from the inlet – to take place in the surroundings. 


Hold your business event or meeting in a unique environment, surrounded by nature. We put different sorts of facilities at your disposal (Casa Perfeuto María's hall, a lecture room in the Centro de Actividades Marineras, etc.). These can be equipped to suit your needs, including Wi-Fi, a video projector and others.

Additionally, we can provide catering services of any kind, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks for coffee breaks, etc., and you can use any of our various premises if you need accommodation.

You may complete your event with multiple activities for your employees or guests in a natural environment.